Christmas Projects

For the past 5 years I have been designing little christmas “cards” for friends. And I use the terms cards loosely as most of the time they tend be not really cards in the traditional sense at all.

This the is first project from 2009. And yes, it is a traditional card. Each side of the card is the reverse of the other side.


Next is this project from 2010. It is a series of christmas-y pictograms with each square card representing a letter of the alphabet. Each person received a pack of cards with all the letters in their name, unbeknownst to them. The goal is to solve this little puzzle.


The next project in 2011 is printed on a vellum strip with the recipient’s name. I was thinking a lot about blackletters that year and wanted to incorporate that into the project.



In 2012 I did a bit of patterning and came up with this. They are circular cards, folded in half. I included a little “find your name” search puzzle on the inside.



In 2013 I wanted to make a 3-D card. The idea with this is have the card be a free-standing ornament. There are slits cut into the card so that they slide and lock making a cross at the base.



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