About Levan

levan trieu

I am a Vancouver-based development-focused designer. I have been drawing, painting and creating ever since I could remember. I went through art school before finding my niche in design. I became interested in web development over the years as I worked closely with developers. Ultimately I made the leap to go back to school and learn to code. See what I’ve been developing on GitHub.

Here’s the long version:

I started off working as a junior designer in a small ad agency. We did a lot of direct marketing and had our own fulfillment department. I was able to get hands on experience from conceptualization of a piece to printing and finishing. I found the production process interesting because I was able to see how a digital file ended up in my hands physically. The logistics and technical details were fascinating.

Next, I landed in an association management company with a variety of clients. My favourite part of working there was the room to grow and explore designing for the web and mobile. I find user experience design very interesting and a challenge to do. Designing a website interface really makes you consider how your end user will interact with your design. Sometimes they do unexpected things!

It was at the association management company that I was able to work closely with many web developers and gleamed bits of information here and there about how designs are implemented and functionalities are built. The two things that appealed to me most about coding are: problem solving and the ability to add a third dimension to my design, interactivity.

I also do volunteer design work, creating posters for art exhibits for a gallery in Texas.

Get in touch and say hello@levantrieu.com.